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Make sure your in-house teams are equipped to be the first line of defense against any possible Cyberattack. Priv0's officially approved and experienced team of trainers run awareness and training programs to help your employees understand safe Cyber etiquette, identify Cyber threats, and emergency threat response.

Arm yourself with up-to-date information and insights into building successful Strategies.

Knowing is not everything, but this is where it all starts. Get served by the right certified and experienced people with the right to build the right capabilities on the right job for efficiency

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Tailor-made Cyber Security Training and Awareness Programs for your organizations as per customized needs. Familiarize with the expected challenges of the Roadmap

We select and
develop very carefully

Cyber Security training for employees is one of the most significant investments. You considerably reduce the probability of a Cyberattack and the damages that come with them by preventing them

Technology-based security defenses are not as effective if your teams are unaware of Cyber Security best practices. So training your teams is an important way to get the best out of your Cyber Security investments

Cyber Security awareness improves your incidence response in the case of a Cyberattack because your teams know to spot a threat/attack in time and how best to react and mitigate the impact

Investing in Cyber Security training and awareness is a strong indication to your stakeholders that your business values security - both for yourself and for them

Teams receiving consistent training around Cyber Security is a crucial element for businesses to meet all major regulatory compliances, like ISO 27001, PCI DSS, NIST framework, regulatory requirements, etc


Adhering to international standards and regulations has become a norm for businesses to run their businesses worldwide. In this regard, We provide training for professionals and enterprises across various international standards and certifications. There are various categories covered across PECB, ISACA, etc. that provide the required understanding to the candidates. This includes Risk Management, Information Security Management, Business Continuity Management, etc.

How We Do It

Evaluate the threat landscape to understand the challenges to your critical systems, information, and network assets, to design the right kind of training programs

Build creative training programs so that your employees actually engage with the content and information, retain it well, and are able to implement it when the need arises.

Ensure that the training programs we create are compliant with the best practices and processes outlined in regulations like SAMA, NCA, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, etc.

Ensure program consistency so that Cyber Security is understood as a priority within the organizations. It also makes sure that your teams are aware of the latest Cyberattacks and Cyber Security best practices.

Why Train with us?

Priv0 has been successfully conducting various training and workshops. As a candidate, you know the importance of registering for an examination. It is the first step that takes you closer to your academic goals. We put in our best efforts to provide you with an effortless registration process. Priv0 provides an International knowledge base and internship facility through its programs. 

Complex Threat Environment

Cyber Security needs are congruent with the size of your organization, understanding your organization's threat environment should be the first thing you do before you decide to hire a chief information security officer. Depending on the intricacy of your threat environment, your organization can prioritize its security.

Policies and Processes

Improved Cyber Security policies can help organizations better understand how to better secure information assets. For your business to have effective information Cyber Security policies and processes in place and for them to be maintained, you can get the required expertise and experience of a CISO as a Service or outsourced completely.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Organizations in certain industries handle and on some occasions store extensive amounts of classified information. This can also induce regulatory requirements for them. This requires extensive and comprehensive activities being carried out and comprehensive assessments conducted to keep the businesses secure.

The outsourced Experts

Cyber Security has become a top priority of businesses around the world, this has led to an increase in demand for experts and security leadership. Unfortunately, the demand at times exceeds the available skillsets. Finding the right experienced expert at an affordable cost may be a challenging task, which is why a Virtual CISO may be the perfect solution.  

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