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We understand that an in-house CISO might either not make business sense for every organization due to various challenges. However, you do need an experienced and visionary leader at the top of your Cyber Security function. Gain access to security practitioners who utilizes the culmination of their years of Cyber Security and industry experience to help your business with developing and managing the implementation of your information security program.


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Cost and Liability 

Hiring an in-house CISO can be expensive and often a complex and time-consuming process. Eliminate those challenges with Priv0’s virtual CISO with a retainer-based model on the level of service you require.

- Perfect solutions for niche
- Access to a broad range of skills
- Experience
- Cost
- Reduced stress and effort on
   employees in-house


End-to-end Cyber Security Management

As you focus on running your business, your virtual and outsourced CISO ensures that all aspects of your organizational security run as expected. A virtual CISO can orchestrate:

- Cyber Security Strategy
- Policies and processes
- Governance & CS Risk Management
- Compliance
- Proactive Security

and much more.

your Team

With years of experience, as well as backend advisory team support our virtual CISO service can address your challenges.



Way Forward


Key Roles for a CISO

Implementing & Overseeing A Cyber Security Program

A key role for a CISO within your organization is to provide guidance on your Cyber Security program on a strategic level. Along with guidance, it is a CISO’s responsibility to make sure organizations remain compliant with Cyber Security standards, policy, regulations, and legislation.

Aligning Cyber Security and Business Objectives

Make sure that the objectives of your organization’s Cyber Security program are in line with the objectives that your organization hopes to achieve. One key function of this role is to ensure clear communication between security personnel and key stakeholders.

Reporting On
Cyber Security

CISOs play an important role when it comes to providing business leaders with intelligence on key Cyber Security trends, in addition to providing upper-level management with a consolidated and comprehensive view of Cyber Security posture.

Monitoring Incident Response Activities

A CISO will oversee how well internal teams handle a Cyber Security incident when it is identified. The CISO will step in and manage incident response. During a security incident, it is also the CISO’s responsibility to bring a level of clarity to the key internal and external stakeholders.

Securing Vendor

There is a significant risk to your organization’s information security via the suppliers and service providers your organizations work with. A CISO can will ensure that consistent vendor management processes and controls are in place in order to mitigate these information security risks.

Promoting Cyber Security Culture

Another key role of a CISO is to promote a culture of strong Cyber Security and to facilitate broad security cultural change across their organization, the CISO will act as a thought leader, continually communicating their strategy and vision.

Complex Threat Environment

Cyber Security needs are congruent with the size of your organization, understanding your organization's threat environment should be the first thing you do before you decide to hire a chief information security officer. Depending on the intricacy of your threat environment, your organization can prioritize its security.

Policies and Processes

Improved Cyber Security policies can help organizations better understand how to better secure information assets. For your business to have effective information Cyber Security policies and processes in place and for them to be maintained, you can get the required expertise and experience of a CISO as a Service or outsourced completely.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Organizations in certain industries handle and on some occasions store extensive amounts of classified information. This can also induce regulatory requirements for them. This requires extensive and comprehensive activities being carried out and comprehensive assessments conducted to keep the businesses secure.

The outsourced Experts

Cyber Security has become a top priority of businesses around the world, this has led to an increase in demand for experts and security leadership. Unfortunately, the demand at times exceeds the available skillsets. Finding the right experienced expert at an affordable cost may be a challenging task, which is why a Virtual CISO may be the perfect solution.  


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