Why conduct Risk Assessment?

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Why Risk Assessment?

Priv0 is equipped to perform a series of Cyber Security assessments, ranging from simpler and targeted ones to more complex risk, privacy, maturity, and/or Technical Security Assessments.


Know the strength and weaknesses of your current security architecture and get the next steps to improve this first line of defense.

Risk Profile

Get a comprehensive risk profile of all your business assets and processes, this helps in developing a roadmap.


Discover the high-vulnerability aspects of your business operations and move quickly to secure them.


Identify any compliance gaps across your business processes for all major regulations like SAMA, NCA, SBP, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, NIST Cyber Security Framework, and many more.

Technical Risks

Get in-depth technical security assessments to detect malware, web apps and network security vulnerabilities, cloud security challenges, and more.

Vendor Risk Assessments

Vendor Risk Assessments help you understand your vendor risk profile and mitigate third and fourth-party risk rather than relying on incident response.    

Risk Assessment

Conduct a Risk assessment to get a detailed view of the possible Information Technology and Cyber Security Risks to your business, and your capabilities to manage the associated risks. The range of threats varies across businesses, so an in-depth risk assessment becomes the first and key step in understanding the gaps and vulnerabilities in your existing policies and procedures. Other than understanding your own risk profile, risk assessments can help in identifying third and fourth-party risks, which is a crucial part of the journey in getting secure.

Without a thorough risk assessment in place, your business might not discover where the challenges lie, and what aspects of cybersecurity to prioritize and invest in, to prevent disruption. Businesses are battling an extremely high rate of cyberattacks, across different industries. From malware and ransomware to phishing, to denial-of-service attacks; the threats out there are numerous. And any one of them can wreak havoc on your data, revenues, and reputation.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Cyber Security breaches can result in financial loss, reputational damage, or regulatory noncompliance. Strengthen your defenses and protect your business against cyber threats. Cyber Security programs protect networks, devices, applications, and data from unauthorized access and ensure confidentiality, integrity, as well as the availability of information.

The dangers include malware compromising your entire system, an attacker breaking into your system to modify or steal files, an attacker using your computer to attack others, or an attacker stealing your personally identifiable information and making unauthorized purchases, etc. A strong Cyber Security program can help minimize the chances of falling prey to Cyberattacks.

Know exactly what you want for your organization? Go ahead and choose the assessment you want. 

How We Do It

Phase 1 - Plan
Finalize the scope of the assessment and context establishment workshop.

Phase 2 - Assess
Commence risk assessment:
- Workshops and interviews to identify risk/maturity
- Conduct a risk/maturity analysis on the scope.
- Complete a qualitative risk/maturity evaluation.
- Develop the risk/maturity assessment report.

Phase 3 - Risk Mitigation
Develop a risk/maturity treatment plan.

Final presentation with business leaders and key stakeholders along with Q&A and next steps/actions for Priv0-as-a-Service.

Phase 4-Monitor and  Phase 5-Maintain
In case you need us to manage the Information Technology and/or Cyber Security Risks, our team of certified and experienced consultants will support you.

The periodic reports will be submitted and presented to the key stakeholders. 

Complex Threat Environment

Cyber Security needs are congruent with the size of your organization, understanding your organization's threat environment should be the first thing you do before you decide to hire a chief information security officer. Depending on the intricacy of your threat environment, your organization can prioritize its security.

Policies and Processes

Improved Cyber Security policies can help organizations better understand how to better secure information assets. For your business to have effective information Cyber Security policies and processes in place and for them to be maintained, you can get the required expertise and experience of a CISO as a Service or outsourced completely.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Organizations in certain industries handle and on some occasions store extensive amounts of classified information. This can also induce regulatory requirements for them. This requires extensive and comprehensive activities being carried out and comprehensive assessments conducted to keep the businesses secure.

The outsourced Experts

Cyber Security has become a top priority of businesses around the world, this has led to an increase in demand for experts and security leadership. Unfortunately, the demand at times exceeds the available skillsets. Finding the right experienced expert at an affordable cost may be a challenging task, which is why a Virtual CISO may be the perfect solution.  

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